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Sunday - 9:00am to 4:00pm

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Deutsche Metzgerei

Authentic German Specialty Meats Made on Premises







What our customers say:

“We stop here every time we go to Woodstock for one reason and one reason alone: their homemade beef jerky. The perfect balance of smoke, spice, and chewiness (although, admittedly, we have gotten batches that are a little sinewy but not overly so). I've never been a fan of the stuff you get in stick form at the grocery store, and after eating this I have a hard time believing that the stick-stuff can actually be called beef jerky.

Of course, their other meat options look amazing. Haven't had the chance to try any of them yet, but looking forward to it.”

Danika A.

Albany, NY



"Finest smoke house I've ever come across in all my travels!

Any of their steaks, pork chops, sausages, or other meats would do your table proud.

Rich heritage of old fashioned meat purveyor...

Steve K.

Austin, TX


"This place is amazing! I go up to Saugerties to visit a friend but really it's to go to SHotC. Things I must get every time I go:
double smoked bacon
westphalian ham
whole smoked chicken
venison salami
skirt steak
breakfast kielbasa
smoked pork chops

Take a cooler when you go and stock up!"

Kathy T.

Ellicott City, MD


"Go see for yourself. Amazing. This is truly a good old fashioned family run business. Can be crowded b/c its fabulous. So you can wait if you hit it at a peak time. But who cares? So many fun, interesting  products to browse through.

Owners are Mike and Heidi. Please introduce yourself to them. If you have any question regarding anything in the case Mike and Heidi are happy to help you. They are so accommodating and happily fulfill special requests.

By the way, its so clean you could eat of the floors. There is nothing to hide here. Everything is out in the open and on display. It sparkles. And so do the owners and staff.

Not to be missed.

Christopher M.

New York, NY


"This place is great - just make sure you grab a number when you walk in!

They have just about anything you can think of, and they'll also cut meat to order for you.  The sausage selection is always interesting and they have the usual suspects as well as some off the beaten path goodies.

Among other things, I picked up skirt steak the last time I was there, and was reminded just how good that cut of meat is when lightly marinated and grilled.  I am pretty sure if I had tried to mooch off my  husband's plate I would have lost a finger, if not a whole hand.

The double smoked bacon is also excellent, and they'll cut it to order... nothing like a pound of bacon cut into about 10 slices.  Yum."

Amanda G.

Albany, NY

For over five decades SmokeHouse of the Catskills (formally Veterans Pork Store) is known by their clients as “purveyors of the finest quality meats available!”  From the hand cut steaks and chops to their hand made hot dogs, brattwurst, sausage, kielbasa, and more. Owners Mike and Heidi welcome you to try SmokeHouse of the Catskills and see for yourself.

Contact us

724 Route 212
Saugerties, NY 12477-4617
(845) 246-8767

German Delicacies Knockwurst, Brattwurst, Liverwurst, Veal, Pork, Steaks

Smoke House of the Catskills

724 Route 212
Saugerties, NY 12477-4617
(845) 246-8767

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